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The Palm Garden Cottages & The Palm Garden Project

Voorhis and Clake, DeLand FL

Lot Prices

Summary: The Palm Garden Cottages is the prototype of a Pedestrian Village and situated in downtown DeLand. The 51,438.48 sq. ft (1.18 acres) of land at Clake and East Voorhis Avenue will be purchased and subdivided into 12 lots with community parking, pool house, pool, alley, bike parking, fountain, and a 10' wide pedestrian lane. The lots will be sold with the option to purchase building plans through Pedestrian Villages Inc., and builder (Geoff Felton) will be available to build any of the houses. Geoff also plans to build at least one house on speculation, which he may occupy. There will be a design review for all homes designed by outside architects to insure that the style is compatible with this Pedestrian Village.

Design review by PV Inc. ($250) is required if buyer's own architect is used.

Retail Lot Prices - coming soon

1. 4,457 sq. ft. = under contract
2. 3,387 sq. ft. =
3. 3,330 sq. ft. = 
4. 3,014 sq. ft. =
5. 3,170 sq. ft. =
6. 3,698 sq. ft. =
7. 2,514 sq. ft. = reserved
8. 2,473 sq. ft. =
9. 2,415 sq. ft. = 
10. 2,476 sq. ft. = reserved
11. 1,527 sq. ft. = reserved
12. 3,305 sq. ft. = 


The Palm Garden Preliminary Price List
52 Condos, 28 flexible-use or retail units

The Palm Garden, a mixed-use development of 52 condos, 28 shops/restaurants, a botanical garden, a park, and various other amenities will be built across the street from The Palm Garden Cottages.

P1= Guest Parking (1 bike shop, management office)
P2= Upper Residential Pkg. (Fitness club, Meeting Hall, P.V.Inc unit)
A= Retail Level (27 flexible-use, live/work, shops and restaurants)
B= 2nd Floor (25 condos)
C= 3rd Floor (7 condos)
D= 4th Floor (7 condos)
E= 5th Floor (9 condos)
F= 6th Floor Penthouse Level (3 penthouses)

All flexible-use, live/work,office, and shops are designated below as "retail"

P-1: Type ofUse Est. Sq. Ft. Estimated Price

Bike/Segway Shop 1,500 (see below)
Management Office N/A
Gardener's storage N/A

P-2: Type of Use Est. Sq. Ft. Estimated Price

Pedestrian Village Inc. unit 1,500 + porch N/A
Fitness Club + Meeting Rm. 1,500 + 770 porch N/A

1st Fl: 27 Mixed-Use Units Gross sq. ft, Porch Parking Price

P-1 Bike Shop 2,203 sq. ft.

A-1 Retail 1,275 sq. ft.+
A-2 Retail 853 sq. ft.
A-3 Retail 886 sq. ft.
A-4 Retail 952 sq. ft.
A-5 Retail 886 sq. ft.
A-6 Retail 886 sq. ft.
A-7 Retail 952 sq. ft.
A-8 Retail 886 sq. ft.
A-9 Retail 629 sq. ft.
A-10 Office 520 sq. ft.
A-11 Ice Cream/Yogurt 593 sq. ft.
A-12 Café, Coffee. 689 sq. ft.
A-13 Restaurant 3,762 sq. ft.
A-14 Restaurant 2,770 sq. ft.
A-15 Restaurant 2,770 sq. ft.
A-16 Bookstore/café 3,762 sq. ft.
A-17 Chocolate 689 sq. ft.
A-18 Sandwich 593 sq. ft.
A-19 Office 1,024 sq. ft.
A-20 Retail 1,050 sq. ft.
A-21 Retail 952 sq. ft.
A-22 Retail 886 sq. ft.
A-23 Retail 886 sq. ft.
A-24 Retail 952 sq. ft.
A-25 Retail 886 sq. ft.
A-26 Retail 700 sq. ft.
A-27 Retail/Office 1,425 sq. ft.

(A-27 will house the Palm Garden Sales: Later it will revert to P.V. Inc ownership)
29 commercial units 35,317 sq. ft. - 38 designated pkg. spaces

Total commercial sales = (leasing will be available on some units)



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